Seattle, WA

Spontaneous trip to Seattle? YES

Day 1: Pike Place Market – a day of eating


Pike Place Chowder – As our first bite in Seattle (and after a long morning of traveling) I was super excited to have some chowder at Pike Place Chowder! We ordered the sampler and was quite surprised. The verdict: we did not care for any of the salmon chowders (the two orange colored ones) however the regular and I’m kicking myself for not remembering the names of the chowders, the other “regular looking one”, were delicious!

For the rest of the day we decided to walk and explore the rest of the area and of course grab some coffee at one of the local spots – Local Color. For dinner we went to Chan Seattle for some comfort food and this may have been one of my favorite finds in Seattle! Anyone looking for some Korean food in Seattle I would definitely recommend this spot, yes it’s touristy and located right at Pike Place BUT it was absolutely delicious and I’m sad I can’t bring this place home with me.

Day 2: Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum

For breakfast we went to Skillet Capitol Hill,  a recommendation from a Seattle local. Also highly recommended for those that love a good brunch spot. It was also walking distance from our air bnb in Capitol Hill so that was a plus! We ordered a grilled chicken cobb salad (gotta get some veggies in!) and Mike’s Scramble which changes daily.

After breakfast we walked through Capitol Hill and ended up at Victrola Coffee & Art for more coffee! This has been the most caffeine I’ve consumed in a trip, but you can’t come to Seattle and not get coffee!


We then went to The Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass and it was actually really fun! I’m usually not one to want to go to museums but this was definitely very cool and a great experience.


For dinner we went Ooink for some ramen! It’s always a soupy noodle night when it’s this chilly! Honestly came in here because of the cute name but this was nothing to write home about.

Day 3 : Starbucks Reserve, Ferry Boat Ride to Bainbridge & Kerry Park

Our last full day in Seattle – we did some more walking and found this cute little spot called Trove – another great find in the neighborhood. We order pad thai and the pork kimchi dumplings, but delicious.

We also had to stop by the Starbucks Reserve and I think we had the most fun here (we also spent the most money here)! Starbucks Reserve was truly incomparable to the average Starbucks – it’s a must stop for any tourist in Seattle (as lame as that sounds – but even the locals recommended that we stop by)

Now for the most exciting part of the trip (as a fan of Grey’s Anatomy I had to do this) – the ferry boat ride! We decided to go to Bainbridge Island and grab some seafood (I didn’t want to leave Seattle without having seafood). We went to The Harbour Public House – one of my favorites of the trip and definitely recommend it for some fresh seafood!

The rest of the trip contained more walking some sweets and site seeing! Overall, a fun quick trip!


Girls Night Out

I love having a great girls night out – drinks, good food and great company – what’s not to love!? My girls and I try to have a get together every month or so and we usually try to find a new restaurant to try in SF. I honestly think SF has some of the best places for a girls dinner!

For a girls night this time around I picked The Dorian in the Marina. We usually try to find a trendy spot with good food and drinks and this was definitely the perfect spot!


I love myself a good cocktail and truffle fries! Definitely recommend the truffle fries.


For the main course – fried chicken slider, mussels, and poke – all absolutely delicious!


Public Market 

This weekend I had the pleasure of exploring the Public Market in Emeryville! I was extremely excited for this because I had no idea that there was one in the bay area! It is definitely still in the construction phase so I wouldn’t recommend coming here for at least a few more months. A lot of the market was bare and only a handful of food vendors were open. Nonetheless, I think this place has a lot of potential and can wait to see what they come up with!


For a little snack/appetizer, we ordered the Kamikaze fries from Koja Kitchen. They were delicious as always! There are so many Koja Kitchens available in the bay area now so this wasn’t too special for us, but definitely recommended to those who have never had it.


For a heftier meal, we order the spicy ramen from Shiba Ramen. Did I ever mention I love noodles? Shiba Ramen contained a nice sized menu with some cool options and was fun to try!



One of my favorite things to do is try Asian Snacks so when I got to check out a new Asian market I had to pick a few things up to try. My favorite items from this haul are definitely the corn flavored tortilla chips and the GreeNoodle!


Not gonna lie, I love ramen… its horrible for you but I can’t help it, it’s just so tasty! I saw the GreeNoodle brand a few times and I’ve finally decided to give it a try. According to the packaging the noodles are made out of organic Moroheiya – “a super vegetable,” along with a bunch of other ingredients. I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing to eat after looking at the ingredients list BUT I do think it is a tad bit better than traditional packaged ramen. [Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist!]


My final thoughts: the noodles are tasty, there is a very distinct taste that lingers a little bit but its not bad at all and didn’t bother me. The flavoring was also pretty good, more on the salty side but I love salt! I definitely enjoyed these noodles and would purchase it again to have on those days I’m just too lazy to make real food.


Rainy days are for eating

Did I ever mention I love rainy days? Today was the perfect rainy day, we went out for food and enjoyed some light window shopping… it was just perfect! 
First stop: Diablo JJ’s Taqueria followed by some boba at tpumps in Burlingame. These are by far the best tacos I’ve had in the bay area! The most flavorful carne asade, carnitas and al pastor with the most amazing sauces. 
When the rain picked up, we headed to New England Lobster Market and Eatery for some Lobster Corn Chowder and we also picked up some oysters to-go! It was my first time shucking oysters (well…the boyfriend didn’t let me shuck them so I just watched). 
The best lobster corn chowder!
Types of oysters: Kumamoto, Fanny Bay, Hammersley and Kusshi. My favorites as always are the Kumamoto and Hammersley.
Finally for a late night bite at Slurp Noodle Bar in the Castro (SF). A bowl of spicy ramen – the perfect way to end a foodie adventure. 

TJs-Chickenless Chicken Tenders 

Long story short, I have been really into watching food documentaries lately and it’s really opened my eyes to how our food is grown and made, so while I was walking through Trader Joes I decided to try the Chickenless Crispy Tenders (made from soy protein)!img_6569

I am in no way an expert on veganism, nor am I a vegan or vegetarian, I just wanted to try something different and also cut back on my meat intake. I’ve tried other vegan “meat” products and I typically am not a fan, but since I’ve noticed my preferences in food has changed in the past year I decided to try this out. It’s a pretty small package so I figured its worth a try and it’s inexpensive!

Okay let’s get to the point – these “chicken” tenders are pretty awesome, and I hate to admit this but I am a picky eater… but I am down for these vegan tenders! Strangely (in my opinion) they do taste like chicken in consistency and flavor and that doesn’t really bother me. I could definitely replace my real chicken strips with these. They’re also super easy to make, I just followed the instructions (popped them in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 400-425 degrees).


looks like chicken



For anyone that’s looking for more vegan options or just want to try something new and different definitely give these a try! I will definitely be repurchasing these when I have a chicken tenders craving.

Trader Joes Chickenless Crispy Tenders