Attention: I have found another organic skincare line that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! 

With the seasonal changes, general changes in my skin, and also running out of many of my regular skincare products,  I decided to try a new skin care line, and I am so happy I was drawn to this one. I have nothing but good things to say about these products so far.

I was a little weary about using an oil to cleanse my face but I was already using oils as a serum and moisturizer so I decided to take the plunge! The cocokind organic facial cleansing oil doubles as a makeup remover and facial cleanser for me. First I take a pump of the product in my hand, warm it up and then massage it around my eyes and face. On the website and box it says to not use water right away so I do it on my dry skin and it does a great job at removing my waterproof mascara! After I get most of my makeup off, I rinse off some of the oil then I take another pump of the oil and massage the rest of my face. Finally I use a warm wet towel to wipe it all off and afterwards my face seriously feels so incredibly soft and clean! I felt like it helped restore some balance to my skin since I’ve been having a lot of trouble with it recently. 

After I wash my face, I spray the cocokind organic rosewater facial toner directly on my face or a I use a cotton pad to apply it on my skin. The rosewater toner smells so heavenly and feels great on the skin.


Just a few more things I love about this brand… all of their products are certified organic and way more affordable than the previous skincare line I was using. Most products are less than $20! The facial cleansing oil was $13.99 and the rosewater toner was $16.99. I bought my products at Whole Foods (if you can’t tell thats my favorite store!) but you can also find their entire line at their website. I honestly cannot wait to try more of their products!!


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