NYE 2015 at Hog Island

For our first New Years Eve together, my boyfriend wanted to watch the fireworks at Pier 14. So what better way to end 2015 than to have some delicious seafood! We were both dying to try Hog Island Oyster Co. at the Ferry Building which worked out perfectly since the fireworks set off right next door. 
We ordered the clam chowder, steamers with pasta, and 3 different types of oysters. I was so happy with our order, I’m a huge fan of clams and oysters! 
The clam chowder was unlike any clam chowder I’ve ever had, it as filled with shelled clams and is not as thick as other chowders, but I really enjoyed it. 
Clam Chowder
The steamers were delicious, I’m always a fan of steamers. (This was a half order, they split the bowl for my bf and I)
My favorite part of the meal was the oysters! We tried their three most popular ones: The Hog Island Sweetwater  (far left), Hog Island Kumamoto (upper middle), and Chelsea Gems (far right). It was hard to pick a favorite but I’d have to say the Kumamoto was the best, it was the sweetest of them all. 

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