Post Christmas Feasting

The best things in life are food. & of course people to share food with 🙂 This holiday season I have been blessed with family and friends and delicious food!
Post Christmas morning I was pretty excited to try a Griddle Fresh with my cousins. I’m not a huge brunch girl, but once in awhile I do enjoy trying new brunch spots! I ordered the Salmon Cakes (Eggs Benedict) which were pretty good and lemonade. I was pretty happy with what I got, although I can never finish all of it!
For dinner, my boyfriend and I finally decided to make the trip downtown to see the Christmas tree (one day late, oh well). We were also craving hot pot (like we always do) so we decided to try the Little Sheep Hot Pot downtown. The wait was quite long (1-2 hours) but while we waited for our table we took a stroll to Starbucks and Union Square. 
We ordered our usuals, beef & lamb combo, more beef, beef tripe, enoki mushrooms, tofu sheets, udon, and spinach. That doesn’t sound like much but this was definitely enough food for the two of us! I noticed some slight differences between this location and the San Mateo location. The service here was a bit more pleasant, maybe it’s a smaller restaurant therefore less people to cater too, but our waiter was very nice! The food also looked nicely plated… and I honestly this might only be because of the lighting but I thought everything looked a bit more appetizing, but then again I also noticed that it took longer for the food to come out, so this makes sense. The soup base was also less salty than the soup in San Mateo, but it was still very delicious! (Also my back did not start hurting when I ate here and it usually does when I eat at San Mateo’s location – random but just something I noticed). Anyways, I’m always a fan of Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, it is by far my favorite hot pot restaurant! 

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