Concerts & Bars

My rainy Sunday’s are preferably spent in bed but tonight was very different yet still very fun!
In heavy rain, I ubered my way to the Fillmore to meet my old roommate for a night out in the city. We went to Lush Lounge and Upcider for some drinks and then made our way to the Regency to see Yellow Claw (who I honestly did not know before this).
At Lush Lounge there was a nice cozy fire and I got a very yummy blueberry martini! (Unfortunately I did not get a picture of this). After Lush Lounge, we wanted to get a quick bite to eat so we walked less than a block to Upcider! I was excited that we stumbled upon this spot. I ordered an Ace Pineapple Cider (which I’ve heard great things about but never actually tried), buffalo fries (then later garlic fries) and a fried chicken slider (we know I love my fried chicken). Anyways, the food wasn’t that great. The fries were okay, but the the slider did not have much flavor. But I was very happy about trying the cider!

The concert was quite fun, I felt like an old woman but I had fun none the less!   

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