Not too long ago, I decided to start my journey in finding beauty products that are good for the environment and my skin (aka containing as little chemicals as possible but still doing its job).
Not knowing where to begin, I decided to start my search at Whole Foods! This is where I found evanhealy products…
The first evanhealy product I tried out was the blue chamomile day moisturizer. I initially liked the product, it seemed to brighten my face, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and I actually enjoyed the scent. But due to the winter, it just wasn’t cutting it for my dry skin, but I do intend on keeping it for when the weather changes again. 
Then I discovered my current favorite product: the Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf
This moisturizer seriously saved my sensitive and dry winter skin. Before I started using it, my skin was peeling, my pores were inflamed, and absolutely nothing seemed to helped… But once I started using this moisturizer (as their website states) within a few days I saw a lot of improvement. My cracked skin started healing, my pores looked and felt less clogged and irritated, and my skin felt soft! Although I do find some pimples here and there, I no longer find acne to be as bothersome. I find that when my skin feels more calm and less irritated, acne isn’t as concerning.


I have been so incredibly happy with my evanhealy purchases! I am still searching for a few more products to help even out some discoloration from old breakouts and control some of my acne (but this does not seem to be a main concern since using the whipped shea butter). I highly recommend trying evanhealy’s blue line for sensitive skin!

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