What happens in Vegas…

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to take a little trip to Las Vegas to celebrate an old college friend’s birthday. How crazy… I can now say “old college friend”… boy I’m getting old. Anyways, it was a fun weekend full of late nights, free drinks and food of course! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take many pictures.
I arrived in Las Vegas early Friday morning, and got brunch with my girlfriends at Chayo Mexican Kitchen. I ordered the Breakfast Skillet and was quite pleased, it was the first breakfast dish I’ve had that contains chorizo.
After breakfast, we did a little bit of shopping and before we knew it, we were out and about at XS to watch RL Grime. I wish I got a good image of this night but I was a bit busy living in the moment.
The next day, we slept in a bit and had a nice relaxing day at the hotel. I also gambled for the first time playing roulette, and I actually came up! For dinner I got to try Shake Shack for the first time! I was pretty excited about it but in all honesty, I did not like it… The bread was strange. Anyways, later that night we walked a little on the strip and ended our night at Hakkasan with the Chainsmokers.
Overall, I had an adventurous sleepless weekend and am slightly relieved to be back home to get some sleep! 

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