Kitchen Story

After bookmarking Kitchen Story months ago, I finally got to try it! I love trying new restaurants in San Francisco so I was extremely excited!

For an appetizer, we ordered the Millionaire’s Way – this was the best bacon I’ve ever had! It was perfectly sweet and salty at the same time and the asparagus was cooked wonderfully and paired very well with the bacon.

Millionaire’s Way

For our entree, we ordered the Burgah Boy and Dancing Queen.

The waiters didn’t ask how we’d like the burger cooked, but it turned out perfect (medium well). A very enjoyable burger! 


Burgah Boy

The dancing queen was also very tasty. When the dish was brought out they set it on fire with 501 rum! The sauce used on the beans and steak was a bit spicy, salty and sweet. I’ve actually had the same exact dish at Blackwood (in the Marina), but I found that Kitchen Story did a much better job at making this dish. 

Overall, Kitchen Story was a very trendy restaurant, perfect for families and friends getting together for good food. The food is a little bit on the pricer side for what it is but definitely worth the try and I will be back to try more! 

Dancing Queen

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