One of my favorite bands at the moment (and for the past 2 years) is LANY! So when they were coming to San Francisco again I definitely wanted to go to their show.


As always they did not disappoint!




Seattle, WA

Spontaneous trip to Seattle? YES

Day 1: Pike Place Market – a day of eating


Pike Place Chowder – As our first bite in Seattle (and after a long morning of traveling) I was super excited to have some chowder at Pike Place Chowder! We ordered the sampler and was quite surprised. The verdict: we did not care for any of the salmon chowders (the two orange colored ones) however the regular and I’m kicking myself for not remembering the names of the chowders, the other “regular looking one”, were delicious!

For the rest of the day we decided to walk and explore the rest of the area and of course grab some coffee at one of the local spots – Local Color. For dinner we went to Chan Seattle for some comfort food and this may have been one of my favorite finds in Seattle! Anyone looking for some Korean food in Seattle I would definitely recommend this spot, yes it’s touristy and located right at Pike Place BUT it was absolutely delicious and I’m sad I can’t bring this place home with me.

Day 2: Space Needle, Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum

For breakfast we went to Skillet Capitol Hill,  a recommendation from a Seattle local. Also highly recommended for those that love a good brunch spot. It was also walking distance from our air bnb in Capitol Hill so that was a plus! We ordered a grilled chicken cobb salad (gotta get some veggies in!) and Mike’s Scramble which changes daily.

After breakfast we walked through Capitol Hill and ended up at Victrola Coffee & Art for more coffee! This has been the most caffeine I’ve consumed in a trip, but you can’t come to Seattle and not get coffee!


We then went to The Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass and it was actually really fun! I’m usually not one to want to go to museums but this was definitely very cool and a great experience.


For dinner we went Ooink for some ramen! It’s always a soupy noodle night when it’s this chilly! Honestly came in here because of the cute name but this was nothing to write home about.

Day 3 : Starbucks Reserve, Ferry Boat Ride to Bainbridge & Kerry Park

Our last full day in Seattle – we did some more walking and found this cute little spot called Trove – another great find in the neighborhood. We order pad thai and the pork kimchi dumplings, but delicious.

We also had to stop by the Starbucks Reserve and I think we had the most fun here (we also spent the most money here)! Starbucks Reserve was truly incomparable to the average Starbucks – it’s a must stop for any tourist in Seattle (as lame as that sounds – but even the locals recommended that we stop by)

Now for the most exciting part of the trip (as a fan of Grey’s Anatomy I had to do this) – the ferry boat ride! We decided to go to Bainbridge Island and grab some seafood (I didn’t want to leave Seattle without having seafood). We went to The Harbour Public House – one of my favorites of the trip and definitely recommend it for some fresh seafood!

The rest of the trip contained more walking some sweets and site seeing! Overall, a fun quick trip!

Honest Beauty – mascara

Hello beautiful people of the world.

I recently purchased Jessica Alba’s book The Honest Life to give myself more inspiration and knowledge about switching over to clean beauty and living habits. (I totally recommend this book btw, it’s a very easy read and very informative) And while I was at it I also decided to try her beauty line (Honest Beauty), so I headed over to my local Ulta and decided to take a look at the products.

I needed a new mascara and thought I would try a non-toxic/natural/less chemical/’honest’ one – aka the Honest Beauty Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer!

I have only tried one other natural mascara and it did not work for me at all (in case you’re wondering, it was the Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara). I have extremely straight Asian lashes and usually a good waterproof drugstore mascara would do the trick for me. (My favorites are L’Oreal’s miss manga & false fiber lashes and Maybelline’s lash stiletto)

Unfortunately, my quest for the an effective natural/non-toxic mascara will continue on; the Honest Beauty Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer did not work out for me.



  • The product failed to hold my curl (I tried the mascara with and without the primer and both times my eyelashes fell straight down almost instantly)


  • It comes off very easily with makeup remover (no tugging!)
  • It does a good job at not smudging and transferring to my undereyes/eyelids (I wore the mascara for 6+ hours)
  • I like that the packaging (primer + mascara in one tube) – makes traveling a lot easier

Although this product did not work out for me, I’m not opposed to trying the other Honest Beauty Products. I knew this one would be a long shot, an effective natural mascara that holds a curl will probably be the toughest products for me to find. But I did do a few swatches while I was at Ulta and am definitely interested in trying some of the face products that Honest Beauty has to offer.

Will I ever find a natural mascara that can hold an Asian girl’s curl? Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions!

Harry Potter in Concert

Happy Halloween! This year was another relaxed halloween, instead of dressing up in costumes my boyfriend and I decided to dress up in fancy clothes and watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Concert! I had so much fun, I forgot how much I love Harry Potter. At the end of the night I also got to try La Victoria’s and got my froyo fix at Yogurtland. It was a good night.

Girls Night Out

I love having a great girls night out – drinks, good food and great company – what’s not to love!? My girls and I try to have a get together every month or so and we usually try to find a new restaurant to try in SF. I honestly think SF has some of the best places for a girls dinner!

For a girls night this time around I picked The Dorian in the Marina. We usually try to find a trendy spot with good food and drinks and this was definitely the perfect spot!


I love myself a good cocktail and truffle fries! Definitely recommend the truffle fries.


For the main course – fried chicken slider, mussels, and poke – all absolutely delicious!


review: makeup remover 

My favorite thing to do at night is to take off all my makeup and wash my face and relax. For the past few months I was trying out a few different makeup removing products and decided to write a review on some of the products.

img_7313Simple micellar cleansing water: I give this product two big thumbs up! I have extremely sensitive skin and this product does not sting when I use it and it makes my skin feel super clean. I still like to wash my face with a face wash after using this product but the bottle says you don’t even need to rinse after using it and it’s true your skin feels so soft and clean! Overall I would definitely recommend this! I pretty much completely ran out of this product already and will be trying more clean aka natural/organic makeup removers, but I still really enjoyed this product and loved that it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil: I give this product a thumbs up for removing my eyebrows and waterproof mascara! It can get a little bit messy but after using it I go in with my regular face wash and my face does not feel oily. I also really like using oils to clean my delicate eye area because I no longer have to rub my eyes to get my mascara off, therefore I don’t lose eyelashes and eyebrow hair – I’d recommend this!


Note: Normally I wouldn’t purchase towelettes or cleansing pads but I got these for traveling because I thought they’d be easier than bringing liquids on an airplane.

Acure coconut + argan oil cleansing towelettes: Trying to go all natural and organic in my skincare and makeup routine, I bought these cleansing towelettes (for my trip to Las Vegas). I absolutely did not like this product! Like I mentioned before, I have really sensitive skin and as soon as it touched my skin it stung. The product was effective at taking my face makeup off but the stinging is just not worth it and I actually wished the product was a bit more hydrating for the skin. The towelette also felt really dry after 10-20 seconds of being exposed to the air so I sometimes would have to grab a second towelette just to make sure I got everything. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.

Simple eye-makeup remover pads: Also purchased for my trip… this product was not good. I used it mainly for my eyebrows and eyelids/eyelashes but it just doesn’t work for me at all. My waterproof mascara did not budge so I ended up tugging and losing eyelashes; it also took a lot more effort to remove my eyebrows (not a waterproof product). Also for a product that is designed for the eye area, the pad is not very soft… I would prefer a pad that feels more gentle on the eyelids, I’m not sure if the rubbing or the actual makeup remover solution irritated my under eyes, but the area right under the eye was left a little pink and irritated… Overall, I don’t recommend this product; I would much rather stick with an oil.

I hope this post helps someone looking for effective makeup remover and saves some time and money! Let me know if there are any great make-up removing products that you love!

Public Market 

This weekend I had the pleasure of exploring the Public Market in Emeryville! I was extremely excited for this because I had no idea that there was one in the bay area! It is definitely still in the construction phase so I wouldn’t recommend coming here for at least a few more months. A lot of the market was bare and only a handful of food vendors were open. Nonetheless, I think this place has a lot of potential and can wait to see what they come up with!


For a little snack/appetizer, we ordered the Kamikaze fries from Koja Kitchen. They were delicious as always! There are so many Koja Kitchens available in the bay area now so this wasn’t too special for us, but definitely recommended to those who have never had it.


For a heftier meal, we order the spicy ramen from Shiba Ramen. Did I ever mention I love noodles? Shiba Ramen contained a nice sized menu with some cool options and was fun to try!